Red Oak Desktop Box Lamp

My first real woodworking project – outside of some dowels and shelves that I made for our coat closet. The wood used is the remnants of that project; red oak.

6.5″ L x 4.5″ W x 7.5″ H

Tools used

  • Chisels
  • Table Saw
  • Forstner bits
  • Round nose router bit
  • 1/2″ Spade bit
  • 1/4″ Round-over edge router bit
  • Router table
  • Finger joint jig for router table


  • Twisted rayon cloth covered electric lamp cord
  • Heavy-Duty Electrical Toggle Switch, SPST, ¾ HP 125-250V AC
  • Lamp socket from Sunlan Lighting
  • Edison bulb from Sunlan Lighting
  • Liquid electrical tape
  • 2 part West System epoxy
  • Titebond II wood glue

Completed Date

March 3, 2020

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