DreamObjects is DreamHost's public cloud storage offering. It's analogous to Amazon's S3 offering, but slightly cheaper. The nice thing about DreamObjects is that it is compatible with the S3 API. This basically makes DreamObjects a drop-in replacement - very convenient. DreamObjects is ideal for backup storage. This tutorial breaks down into four parts: Get the Amazon AWS SDK for PHP Create a bac...
Years and years ago I was trying to understand how chords and scales related to each other visually and mathematically. I came across a lot of informative posts, but by far the most helpful app I came across was a virtual piano chord/scale creator, by Colm MácCarthaigh Unfortunately, I didn't see this script on his current website, though the old script, and some variations can be found sca...
Determine current version of Drupal being used Downloading Clean Drupal Core Running an initial diff (show the difference) between the two Run a detailed diff on individual files Determine Current Version of Drupal being used There are multiple ways to check what version of Drupal is being used. Your best bet is to visit one of the admin status report pages as listed below: Drupal 6...
Create a page outside of the CMS workflow that has access to Drupal's built-in functions. There are scenarios, the deeper you get into Drupal, where you will need to access Drupal's database and functions, but outside of the scope of the CMS. For instance, you may need to create an AJAX callback that hooks into the database for a TinyMCE plugin, or you may be looking for ways to port over a cus...
What are Foreign Keys? What is the Schema API? Why Drupal only supports FK by documentation and not practice. Current mappings with an ERD. What are Foreign Keys? Foreign keys, put simply, are a referential constraint between two tables on a relational database. What this means is that data from one table is dependent on data from another table, and can not exist without it. This is a...

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